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Terms of Use and Privacy

User Terms and Privacy


1. Terms of Use / Distance Sale Contract

1.1. Ordering from the online store (hereinafter referred to as AuCon)

1.1.1. It is not necessary for customers to register to make an order.

1.1.2. By placing order cutomer gives their consent for AuCon to store their personal details in its customer database

1.1.3. By placing order cutomer declare that the information given is correct

1.1.4. Customers shall pay due care and attention when using the online store.

1.2. The validity of the order

1.2.1 Communication between the parties shall occur either by e-mail, letter or telephone (tel. +358 44 913 79 83). After completing an order, customers pledge to check their e-mail for order confirmation and any other notices.

1.2.2. A binding sales contract will take effect after AuCon has sent an order confirmation by e-mail.

1.2.3. Before the order has been delivered, the customer has the right to cancel the whole order, or parts of it, by e-mail, letter or phone. The delivery is considered to have taken place when the buyer has received a part of the order, or the whole order, or a notification that the order has been handed over to a transit company for delivery.

1.2.4. After the customer has made an order, AuCon does not have the right to change the terms of contract, with the exception of clear errors.

1.3. Prices

1.3.1. The valid price is the price that is given in AuCon’s price list at The valid price is given in euros (EUR). AuCon reserves the right to make price changes.

1.3.2. Any applicable processing and/or handling charges will be added to the order.

1.4. Delivery

1.4.1. If AuCon has the product in store the estimated time of dispatch shall be between one and five (1-5) working days.

1.4.2. If the customer wants a product strictly by a certain date this must be mentioned separately; for example, in the field “Add Message” in the order form when making the order.

1.4.3. If the customer buys several products for which different delivery dates are given, the order will be delivered according to the latest given delivery date.

1.4.4. Deliveries will mainly be made through finnish mail Posti or the transit company GLS, unless separately agreed otherwise.

1.4.5. All the customs fees and taxes are solely the buyers' responsibilities. AuCon always declares the real value and contents of the parcel.

1.4.6. It is buyers' responsibility to find out if the intended purchase can be legally imported in buyers' country and to obtain all the necessary permits and lisences.


1.5. Terms of payment

1.5.1. Payments will be made with the following payment methods:

- PayPal. Buyer can use the PayPal payment operator to pay for the order. In such cases, the customer is directed to the PayPal website to pay for their order when ordering.

- Debit and credit cards. Orders can also be paid for with the most common debit and credit cards. The card will be charged with a form when making the order. In connection with making a credit card payment, the payer will be identified electronically with the help of the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode verification service, if such a service is linked to the payer’s credit card.

- Invoicing (orders to Finland only). If the buyer represents a company, municipality, state organisation or another community, the order can be billed by invoice. The terms of payment for an invoice are 7 days net. Payments by invoice must be agreed upon beforehand with our customer service department. We reserve the right to verify the credit rating of the party to be invoiced.

1.5.2. 15–18-year-old buyers require their guardian’s permission when buying a product with funds that they have not acquired through their own work.


1.6. Returns

1.6.1. Private customers have the right to return unused products within fourteen (14) days of receiving the product(s), starting the day after the receipt date. The returned product(s) and product packaging shall be in the same condition as when received. This means that the product packaging shall be unbroken and the product shall have no signs of use. Address labels or other labels and stickers shall not be stuck directly on the sales package. Customers have to pay the return shipping cost. If the product to be returned is no longer flawless, i.e. the product can no longer be sold with the normal price given in the AuCon price list, AuCon has the right to deduct the amount that the product’s value has dropped from the sum to be returned to the customer. The payment will be refunded usually within a couple of days after receiving the returned product, but no later than within 30 days.

1.6.2. Companies’ and communities' right to return is more limited. The possibility for companies to return products must be agreed upon in advance with AuCon’s customer service staff. If a company returns a product or products, they will be charged postage.

1.7. Deliveries that have broken in transit

1.7.1. A package may be damaged in transit.  That is why we recommend that you check that the product is in good order as soon as you have received it. If the package or the products ordered have been damaged in transit, a damage report should be filed immediately. After this, an agreement can be made about delivering a replacement product.

1.8. Complaints

1.8.1. If an incorrect or damaged product is delivered to the customer, the customer shall inform AuCon of this within a reasonable time either by e-mail at info(at), by phone at +358 44 913 79 83 or by post at Audacious Concept, Myllymäenkatu 12, 53550 Lappeenranta, Finland. An incorrect delivery shall be returned without postal charges according to the instructions given by AuCon in section 1.6.1. The return shall be made after notification of defect. After receiving the returned product, AuCon will refund the paid purchase price to the customer without delay, if it has already been paid.

1.9. Force majeure

1.9.1. AuCon will not be held responsible for a delivery of an order that is prevented, delayed or made difficult due to circumstances that are beyond AuCon’s control, such as war, natural catastrophe, export or import ban, a decision by an authority, a disturbance of general traffic or any other corresponding event beyond AuCon’s control.


1.10. Solving disputes

1.10.1. Finnish law will be applied to any disputes or disagreements resulting from this Distance Sale Contract.

1.10.2. Any unarbitrated disputes shall be solved in the Lappeenranta District Court.

2. Privacy and data protection

2.1. Personal Information

2.1.1. AuCon’s customer data is confidential. AuCon pledges not to divulge customer information to any other party than the company’s internal partners.
2.1.2. Customers shall pay due care and attention when using the online store; AuCon will not ask for, or record, the following information about customers:
• Bank information
• Credit card information
• Any passwords or keywords

2.2. Newsletter Subscription

2.2.1. Customers can sign up for AuCon newsletters by email using Newsletter Signup Form.
2.2.2. Customers can send e-mail to AuCon customer service info(at) to unsubscribe from the newsletters.

2.3. Cookies

2.3.1. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the user’s computer after the user has visited an Internet page. The text file contains a small amount of information that only the Internet server can read when you visit the same web page next time. Some cookies are necessary for browsing the website. Other cookies are useful for the user, because they make using the website easier, for example, by remembering your user name or the language settings you have chosen. Using cookies means that you will not have to fill in the same information several times when you visit a certain Internet site.

We use cookies to ensure that our website is as user-friendly as possible and to offer our customers information and services that meet their individual needs. Our use of cookies ensures that users do not have to enter the same information over again when visiting our online store several times. Cookies also improve the usability of our online store – for example, they speed up the order process and help customers find certain kinds of products more easily.

Cookies do not harm users’ computers or files. We follow the valid data protection regulations and operate using appropriate technical measures to protect our customers’ information security in our online store.